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Arctic Armour

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By qijirs 258 days ago

Arctic Armour is a protective ability which safeguards the gamer towards physical and fireplace harm whilst fixed, leaving behind the path of floor glaciers and chill foes once they strike your pet. The path of floor glaciers continues 2.5 secs in level one and raises for each level right after. Arctic Armour features a arrears mana booking of 25%.

Skill Functions and Interactions
Chilled ground: This particular modifier is actually used in the finish from the harm computations. Since the harm decrease is just put on strikes, harm with time results such as burning up aren't impacted.

Mana Reservation: Floor glaciers chills anything at all located on this. This may not collection to chills.

Mana Booking: Arctic Armour is impacted by almost all mana booking modifiers.

Blood Magic: A Blood Magic Support jewel could be of Arctic Armour and Blood Magic keystone could be invested in create Arctic Armour book living rather than mana.

The Perfect Form: This original product can cause Arctic Armour in order to book absolutely nothing.