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I was gutted when he did Maplestory Mesos

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By rsgoldfastcom 234 days ago

Again, it was about inappropriate use of power and authority. Mark was pushing an agenda of hardline reform, zero tolerance on disciplinary issues, and I backed him to Maplestory Mesos the hilt during cruises such as the threatened players’ strike over Rio Ferdinand’s missed drugs tests. But he couldn’t adopt that stance, and then have the FA’s media arm trying to sell the England manager out to a Sunday tabloid to save the chief executive embarrassment. He had to step down.


I was gutted when he did. I thought he was a good man, and still do. But I understood the reasoning and I remember the circumstances which you, Dave, apparently do not.There are people who are attracted to people of their own gender. This could happen to male players playing under a male manager and female players playing under a female manager. What female and male teams should both have is a management team with professional standards and boundaries which would draw a clear line between what is and is not appropriate and act accordingly.


UpNorth, Lancashire.And it really is that straightforward, people.Spare me the drivel. A top scorer in the women’s league and part of the PFA team of the year can’t get into England's team. It’s like saying Harry Kane can’t get into England’s team. It's the manager’s job to integrate them. Perhaps England could have won a tournament with the right selection, instead of just doing well. Jay006, London.


I’d say it’s a little more complicated than that. Even with his brilliant current form, it is perfectly feasible that Gareth Southgate could devise a way of playing that Maple Mesos serves the strengths of Marcus Rashford or Jamie Vardy better, and pick one of them ahead of Kane. Fabio Capello arrived and dropped Michael Owen, for instance. He wanted more of a targetman. England’s results improved under Sampson, that is without doubt.