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There are 13 courses to tera gold

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By rsgoldfastcom 232 days ago

There are 13 courses to pick from. Each class has tera gold its strengths and weaknesses.

The archer has over 20 abilities [VIDEO]. Its main weapon is the bow. Archers may use unique kinds of arrows such as explosive arrows.

That is the reason why they can get many punishments. His primary weapon is the ax. It is good for offense and defense. A Lancer utilizes a defense that protects him and those around him. They also wear heavy armor.

Its main weapon is your scepter. Priests can heal, cure and revive the dead. They can inflict pests on their enemies and use lightning. His primary weapon is that the tera wiki cane. The sorcerer uses a disk to cast his charms and deal damage.

The warrior wields twin blades and absorbs light armor. This class is more for hand-to-hand battle. Use quick attacks and misdirect opponents. There's a class that is not accessible until you get to level 50.