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By nekabe 498 days ago


Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor "Jean Todt"

Richard Mille recently introduced a timepiece that brings together two stereotypes of the brand, the state of the material and high-tech manufacturing and two interesting content, a wonderful complexity and Partnership with Jean Todt. Even if only 15 Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-sensor "Jean Tott" timepieces are manufactured, the profit from sales will be used for charity.Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon replica

The model has a complex form of G force sensor made by Renaud Papi, which gradually shows the amount of G accumulated by the wearer during a brief moment of rapid acceleration, ranging from red to yellow to green. Even if this complication has no practical use, it is still interesting to check your Gs from time to time.

On the other hand, Jean Todt, currently the head of the FIA, is very important in today's automotive industry.


The automotive world is a permanent source of inspiration for Maison Richard Mille. Richard Mille applies the same creativity, research and development process to watches to create limits and powerful mechanisms for efficiency, performance and innovation.

The brand also participates in motorsports with well-known sports partners such as Felipe Massa or Jules Bianchi, and participates in internationally renowned events with official timepieces such as the Le Mans Classic or Pau Historique Grand Prix.Hublot Ferrari replica watches

However, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has not yet explored an automotive field, and has always been most interested in him is road safety. Therefore, he decided to develop a watch that can provide real answers to road safety questions to support his long-time friend Jean Todt and the world organization "FIA Road Safety Action". The teams Richard Mille and Jean Todd both chose to work together to develop mechanisms that can inform drivers and make them aware of the dangers of the road by copying the physical restrictions imposed on them at a strong deceleration. This is how the G Tourbillon RM 036 Jean Todt sensor was created.

RM 036 adopts the shape of the barrel that the brand loves. Curved and ergonomically designed case

Jean Todt fused the RM036 movement, which is a tourbillon movement with carbon nanofiber plates, made entirely of grade 5 titanium alloy and ARCAP. This combination of materials ensures the best resistance and flatness to the movement. At the same time, due to the polished, micro-bead and satin-polished parts, the material and surface are in excellent contrast. This mechanical winding movement with hours, minutes and small seconds has a unique complexity, namely the mechanical G sensor.

A patented system developed by Renaud Papi specifically for Richard Mille, the G sensor works on the principle of translation based on quality. This complex device is directly assembled on the board, and is designed to intuitively record the G number accumulated by the watch wearer during the severe deceleration. . The G sensor of RM 036 is composed of more than 50 parts, the size is only 17mm, and can withstand the deceleration of tens of G. Therefore, we understand the absolute need for impeccable motion rigidity. Another feature of RM 036 is that the scale is placed at 12 o'clock. This scale indicates that if the deceleration is harmless (green area) or the driver's critical threshold (red area) is reached, the needle is used. It can be reset very quickly using the button at 9 o'clock.Chopard MILLE MIGLIA GTS POWER CONTROL GRIGIO SPECIALE 168566-3007

RM 036 was officially unveiled in Istanbul at the FIA award ceremony on December 7. Jean Todt will donate the profits of this outstanding work to his two beloved organizations: the Global Road Safety Movement and his co-founder Brain and Spinal Cord Research Institute (ICM).

Dominique Guenat joined Guenat SA-Montres Valgine (GMV) in 1986 and took the helm in 1991. In 1999, he and Richard Mille jointly established the "Richard Mille" watch brand.

All Richard Mille watches are developed and produced in Switzerland by the Guenat SA-Montres Valgine (GMV) manufacturer of Les Breuleux. The design and development took place in the old building of Les Breuleux in the 1950s, which was renovated in 1972, while assembly and quality control were carried out in the building completed in 2007.

In 2018, the head of Richard Mille's women's series, the daughter of Dominique Guenat, the fourth-generation plug for Montres Valgine Cécile Guenat showed the first Richard Mille design by women: RM 71-01 automatic tourbillon amulet.replica tudor HERITAGE CHRONO watches

Richard Mille's case and certain movement components, such as the bottom plate, bridge, screws and certain wheels, are completely produced by ProArt. The processing company is part of the Richard Mille group and operates in an ultra-modern 3,000 square meter building that opened in Les Breuleux in April 2013. The expansion of the ProArt website began at the end of 2017, and a second building was constructed to accommodate the R&D office and the new processing workshop.

Richard Mille's unique case shape has now become the main element of the brand's visual identity, thus ensuring clear visibility of the watch and the spline screws visible inside the case and movement. The movement is always visible in the Richard Mille watch.

The most famous models of the brand are the tourbillon RM 008 (chronograph tourbillon) and the sapphire split second hand (chronograph tourbillon). RM 008 combines a tourbillon movement with manual winding, chronograph seconds hand, torque indicator and power unit. Reserve indicators. It is known as one of the most advanced replica swiss watches in the world.

The RM 056 chronograph second hand (Tourbillon Chronograph) is known for its three-part all-sapphire skeleton case. RM 056 is completely transparent and is the first case made entirely of sapphire. Limited edition Richard Mille RM 056 Felipe Massa sapphire RM 056 was announced as the best watch of 2012 at the Salon Internacional de Alta Relojería watchmaker exhibition in Mexico City in October 2012.

Richard Mille SIHH 2013 Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 Jean Todt

Richard Mille's tourbillon G sensor RM 036 Jean Todt will be one of the brand's new products participating in SIHH 2013 next January. This is a tourbillon watch, which stems from the friendship between Richard Mille and Jean Todt and is the first to support the global road safety project within the FIA Wishes.

Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 Jean Todt watch
Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 Jean Todt (Jean Todt) uses a titanium metal barrel case to restore the classic shape of the watch brand. Jean Todt specifically requested his ergonomic curve. Its interior follows its outline, that is, a pressure plate made entirely of grade 5 titanium and ARCAP manufactures a movement. The latter is a stable non-ferrous metal and natural diamagnetic alloy, and is added with nano-carbon fibers. The combination of all these materials provides endurance characteristics, and polishing, micro peening and brushing highlight the decisive comparison of these materials.replica luxury watches

Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 Jane Tott's manual winding movement displays hours, minutes and seconds on the tourbillon, but its unique function is the G-Sensor movement provided for it. The system was specially developed for Richard Mille by Renaud & Papi Laboratories and was patented. It is mounted on the board and converts the wearer's movement and sudden deceleration to G, which is displayed on the indicator on the dial.

The mechanism that can withstand tens of G is 17 mm long and consists of more than 50 parts. Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 The mechanical movement of Jean Todt can withstand the force of many Gs: the measuring device located below 12 o'clock indicates with a needle whether the deceleration is safe (green area) or severe (red area) . The button at the 9 o'clock position can be reset by moving the pointer to the initial position.

Jean Todt (Jean Todt) will sell the proceeds of this timepiece (the timepiece will be limited to 15 titanium specimens) donated to two initiatives that he paid special attention to: the Global Road Safety Movement and the ICM Brain and Spine Institute Co-founder. It is a preview of the 2013 SIHH Advanced Watch Fair.replica Patek Philippe Watches