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Pedro Silva mixing engineer

Pedro Silva mixing engineer

Started by Pedro Silva 3899 days ago

Pedro Silva is an experienced free lance mixing engineer currently working for UK and USA. 

Mixing became a passion as a consequence of his musical background as guitar player on a band and as a composer. 

Pedro mixes on a regular basis since 2006, becoming more and more experienced and interested in all aspects of this Art. Make no confusion, mixing is an Art and you will note the difference when a track is mixed to a high standard. Leave it with him and get your tracks into the charts!

Pedro will dedicate all his talent to ensure your final mixes translate what you truly feel about the song...

Music Genres: Pop, Rock, Indie, Reggae, Funk, Acoustic, Soul, R&B

Client / Artists: Downtown artists (London, UK), Independent artists from Uk , USA and Latin America 


"Pedro has mixed a lot of my stuff! He is absolutely awesome, did it exactly how i wanted it, i highly recommend him to everyone!! Trust my word, the guy is awesome and you won’t regret the decision when you get the final mix of your song :) xx" - Chloe Swaby (UK)

"Hey Pedro! I LOVE this mix! For me it has to be one of he best I have heard from you! I think it is perfect in every way! The vocal level is great, the ‘skank’ thing is powerful, the BV’s sound great, the reverbs are excellent ! I can’t wait to hear your next mix!!!" Mike Collins (UK)

What’s your favorite piece of gear and why: My favorite peaces of gear are my ears and intuition.

Equipment list: I mix "in the box" without any outboard compressors/Eq/Reverbs. 

Software: Nuendo, Protools, Logic

Monitors: JBL LSR4328P

Plugins used: All the best - Waves, Izotope, URS, SPL, Antares, Lexicon, Sony Oxford among others... 

What files do you accept? Nuendo/Cubase, Protools and Logic project files with preference for Nuendo/Cubase projects. Stems at 44.1Khz/48 Khz at 16 or 24 bits . Please send the files with 0 gain and no effects.