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Alex Morelli Music

About me

Alex Morelli

Throughout his career, Alex has worked at some of the best recording studios in NYC, including Unique Recording Studios, Quad Studios, Mirror Image, Spin and Chung King. His years there, combined with his experience as a Musician, lead to him becoming a highly sought-after and respected Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, and Creative Director.

Always seeking perfection in his recording environment, he recently helped establish A-Line Studios, a modern, state-of-the-art recording studio, and part of the A-Line Music Group, in Hoboken, NJ, just 15 minutes away from NYC. Because as he puts it, "We want it to be accessible to everyone... and close to the heart of the Music Business... New York City".

He has worked on a variety of projects and music genres; Cumbia, Bachata, Rock, Country, Pop, Dubstep, and with some of the top people in the industry and emerging talent. Among them: Jimmy Farkas, Pucker Brown, Vinny Nicoletti, Mary Brown, Jonathan Salmond, Eric Fernandez, Pablo Escobar Jr., Rock Wilder, Marcos Leus, Wady, and many more.
And most recently joined forces with Ken Goldfeder (aka Pucker Brown of The Record Guru / Power Brokers), who is known for composing music for Jonathan Blank's feature film Anarchy TV, America's Most Wanted, General Hospital and All My Children, among his many credits. This collaboration between Alex Morelli and Ken Goldfeder has resulted in a "Production Power Duo" unlike no other seen before.

Brief description: Music producer/ recording engineer/ recording studios in nj/ recording studios in ny/ audio engineer/ songwriter/ music publisher/music business consultant.
Telephone: 201-674-0430
Mobile phone: 201-674-0430
Twitter username: @alexmorellimuzk

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