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We mixing your track's or album / starts from 99$ .

(3214 days ago)

About me

Music Pro Mix Engineers are mixing & mastering pros with Mixing and Mastering Studios in Switzerland and the United States. Ask us for more Details. Send us a message...


We Mix and Master your Tracks and Album

Our professional engineers are mixing or mastering your track's and album. Send us a message. We look forward work with you. You can upload your files here. We work with you online on Video call, via Skype, Facebook or Phone (If you dont like what you will hear you can get your money back, less paypal fees) Select your Package and Pay with PayPal below.

Our delivery time Time for Mixing one Track (max 9 days) - album (max 3 weeks) - You can ask for Express Delivery... Message us for Mastering delivery time Time
Brief description: Music Pro Mix Engineers are mixing & mastering pros with Mixing and Mastering Studios
Twitter username: MusicProMix


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