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  • How a Mix Engineer Enhances a Track - Music Production

    Dan Thompson is an independent writer/producer and recording engineer, his credits include work on records, feature films, and television series and movies, including ER, The Sopranos, Swimfan, The Sweetest Thing, Melrose Place, Malibu Shores, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Touched By An Angel, Soul ...

    Tags: Music Production, Mix, Engineer, Enhances, Track

    3452 days ago

  • Alex Morelli Music

    Alex Morelli Throughout his career, Alex has worked at some of the best recording studios in NYC, including Unique Recording Studios, Quad Studios, Mirror Image, Spin and Chung King. His years there, combined with his experience as a Musician, lead to him becoming a highly sought-after and respe...

    Skills: songwriting, music production, audio engineering, protools hd, recording, editing, mixing on digital and analog boards. know how to run full sessions on ssl 4000 g+ and ssl 9000j series. mastering engineer.

    4162 days ago