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  • Pedro Silva mixing engineer

    Pedro Silva is an experienced free lance mixing engineer currently working for UK and USA.  Mixing became a passion as a consequence of his musi...nterested in all aspects of this Art. Make no confusion, mixing is an Art and you will note t...

    3975 days ago

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  • We mixing your track's or album / starts from 99$ .

    3073 days ago

  • Our pro engineers mixing your track's and album at:

    3658 days ago



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  • Test

    Mixing your Song 1 Song (Test Prize) $99.00 USD 1 Song (Normal Prize) $150.00 USD 2 Songs (Package) $250.00 USD 3 Songs (Package) $330.00 USD Album up to 12 Title (max 60min) $1'000.00 USD

    3658 days ago


  • Engineers


    Music Pro Mix Engineers, Grammy winning Mixing and Mastering Professionels mixing or mastering your track's or album. Get in touch with the Pro Mixing and Mastering Engineers from...

    4006 days ago