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Romanian Culture - The Priceless Treasure

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By Rubin Keene 439 days ago

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Romanian culture is a set of material and spiritual values issued on Romania land: Traditional Romania culture, Romanian music, Romanian literature, Romanian architecture, Romanian science, religion in Romania, superstitions in Romania, sport in Romania.


Culture is a all of the material and spiritual values produced by humankind along with the institutions necessary in order to communicate these values.

Traditional Romania culture is really a pair of ideas, traditions and beliefs, that are preserved soon enough within some social or national groups, and which might be spread orally from the generation to a new, highlighting for each and every group its specific feature. Traditions preserve real or legendary information concerning facts or events of the past, communicated orally.

In terms of Romania music can be involved, we can easily point out that prior versions have voices like Maria Tanase, the highest folk music singer in Romania possesses voices like Mihai Trastariu or bands like "Iris", who have collaborated with international names like "Uriah Heep". Romanian classical music and also the opera have representatives like Leontina Vaduva, a terrific artist in our times.

To remain with, Romania culture means literature and names like Nichita Stannescu or Marin Preda. Hmo's was a great modern Romanian poet and also the latter a novelist. Romanian literature has representatives like Mircea Eliade in the domain of fantastic literature or Emil Cioran inside the domain of philosophy.

Religion is a cultural aspect in Romania. Most people are Christian orthodox, but there are other religions, too, like Roman Catholic, reformed and other religions. Religious tolerance is a crucial feature of Romanians, since they are conscious that we are all created and they are controlled by the same Almighty God. Generally speaking, older individuals who are not snappy see a church weekly and pray there as well as more members of the town.

Romanians can be superstitious and so they strongly have faith in magic along with invisible forces, good or evil ones.

As an example, they consider that when they locate a needle somewhere it is just a indication of quarrel or poverty. Furthermore, if last 2 snow melts, and drops through the eaves, bees will make a lots of honey that year. Besides, many specific superstitions are based on important moments in the person's everyday life, like wedding, childbirth, baptism, death. For instance, a certain Romanian superstition on special day could be that the bridegroom should pay a symbolic cost to at least one with the bride's representatives before entering the bride's house.

Romanian culture means sport too. Famous brands like Nadia Comaneci in gymnastics and Gheorghe Hagi in football makes Romanians feel happy with their nation. Actually, gymnastics has long been a successful sport in Romania. Football also is usually a Romanian sport, which makes people excited on any occasion of international matches.

Finally, Romania culture is incredibly rich, however, nowadays it turned out blurred from the multitude of non-values promoted on commercial purposes. The great thing is however there remain in existence people able to preserve this culture.
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